Distrust of the Media

22 Sep

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD FART: Back in the day, when moi was an undergraduate at WAZZU, she started reading the New York Times. At that time the ‘Grey Lady’ really was ‘All the News Fit to Print.’ Since then, the editorial page of newspapers, magazines, and television has taken over the entire operation. Only problem is, the editorial spin is now labeled as ‘hard news.’ We are at a stage, where most critical thinkers don’t believe much of what they read or hear in the media and one has to read a lot from multiple sources to discern any trail to the truth. In the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ world in which we live, ‘feelings, nothing more than feelings’ are enough upon which to base any opinion, even those opinions with the power of life and death. The largest failed social experiment is the effect of progressive ideology y has had on the Black family. Moi has blogged about and will continue to blog about the Black family. See, Hard Truths: The failureof the black family and black male achievement

We are at a point in history when moi and most notably a number of Black Ministers are questioning the blind devotion to an ideology which has so decimated Black society and culture. Meanwhile, the populace will mouth the bromides according to script and those not in the elite of the ethnic group will continue to watch their lives dissolve. All the while the media reports on the 1% in that ethnic group who have succeeded because of their ‘leadership’ and their deliverance of the population to continued deprivation. These days, that passes for ‘All the News Fit to Print.’

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