Justin Timberlake: What the Hollywood ‘progressive’ crowd REALLY thinks about the peeps

27 Oct


I feel your pain

Bill Clinton

In some quarters of society, politics and show business for example, many elites want to convey to the peeps that they can “feel your pain.” Their mantra is: If one can sincerely fake insincerity, then you really have something. Moi first discussed the new “Gilded Age” in All that glitters in the ‘Gilded Age’ is not gold https://drwildaoldfart.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/all-that-glitters-in-the-gilded-age-is-not-gold/

Justin Timberlake is doing some serious damage control, according to the Daily Mail article, ‘I am deeply sorry’: Justin Timberlake apologises for ‘distasteful’ wedding video which mocked the homeless:

Justin TImberlake has issued an apology over a wedding video which mocked homeless people.

The singer, 31, who married Jessica Biel, 30, in a lavish $6.5million ceremony in Italy last week, branded the clip ‘distasteful’ and admitted he was ‘deeply sorry’ about the incident.

He was eager to distance himself from the controversy, making it clear he had ‘no knowledge of its existence’ and had ‘absolutely ZERO contribution to it.’

The video was created by Justin’s real estate friend Justin Huchel. It shows real homeless people on the LA streets purporting to be acquaintances who couldn’t make it to the opulent ceremony….

The video, which was first obtained byGawker and was allegedly shown at their post-ceremony bash, starts with the message, ‘greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldn’t make it.’

After Eddie, the film then switches to a transvestite, who says: ‘Good luck and watch your man.’

It closses with a shirtless bearded man, who said: ‘Justin, Jessica, it’s me, Herbert.’

The full film is actually 8mins and 30secs long, and at points features Justin’s solo hit SexyBack.

A man’s voice is heard speaking off-camera at one point, apparently Huchel’s, and he asks a man when he last saw Timberlake and Biel, adding, ‘Did you and Jessica mess around?’

After the brief messages it fades to black screen with the titling, ‘Love Huch and Rachel.’

Huchel’s attorney Michael Saltz confirmed the video was shown to guests at the wedding in a letter sent to Gawker after the estate agent was approached for comment.

Timberlake’s crowd is not the only bobble-head group who was caught in the act of disparaging those considered to be less worthy.

According to the Seattle Times article, State Democratic Party will donate money from JZ Knight after offensive comments, guru to many famous and many stars unloaded with the following comments:

Knight made the controversial comments in one of her famous sessions in which she claims to channel “Ramtha” – a 35,000-year-old warrior. She has thousands of students who follow the teachings of the ancient spirit and founded an 80-acre school complex in 1988 in Yelm.

The Democrats’ about-face came after more videos of Knight were released Friday by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative Olympia think tank. In one video, recorded last year, Knight goes on a profane rant about “the invasion of the Mexicans who just breed like rabbits.” In another, from the same event, Knight says that “all gay men were once Catholic women.

That followed earlier videos, distributed by the state Republican Party, in which Knight made other offensive comments about Catholics, Jews and others. Republicans had called for the Democratic Party to return the Knight donations but were met with refusal until Friday.

(The videos can be viewed at this web site, but be warned, they contain vulgar and offensive language.) http://blogs.seattletimes.com/politicsnorthwest/2012/10/26/state-democratic-party-will-donate-money-from-j-z-knight-after-offensive-comments/

The Economist published an interesting review of Charles Murray’s Washington Post commentary.

In Charles Murray’s new elitism, the Economist opines:

Mr Murray goes on to describe how self-sorting among the new cognitive elite leads to ever-increasing stratification. Following an example set by David Brooks in “Bobos in Paradise”, he looks to the New York Times‘ weddings announcements.

Three examples lifted from last Sunday’s Times: a director of marketing at a biotech company (Stanford undergrad, Harvard MBA) married a consultant to the aerospace industry (Stanford undergrad, Harvard MPP); a vice president at Goldman Sachs (Yale) married a director of retail development for a financial software firm (Hofstra); and a third-year resident in cardiology (Yale undergrad) married a third-year resident in pathology (Columbia undergrad, summa cum laude).

The New Elite marry each other, combining their large incomes and genius genes, and then produce offspring who get the benefit of both. We are watching the maturation of the cognitive stratification that Richard J. Herrnstein and I described in “The Bell Curve” back in 1994. When educational and professional opportunities first opened up, we saw social churning galore, as youngsters benefited from opportunities that their parents had been denied. But that phase lasted only a generation or two, slowed by this inescapable paradox: The more efficiently a society identifies the most able young people of both sexes, sends them to the best colleges, unleashes them into an economy that is tailor-made for people with their abilities and lets proximity take its course, the sooner a New Elite — the “cognitive elite” that Herrnstein and I described — becomes a class unto itself. It is by no means a closed club, as Barack Obama’s example proves. But the credentials for admission are increasingly held by the children of those who are already members. An elite that passes only money to the next generation is evanescent (“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations,” as the adage has it). An elite that also passes on ability is more tenacious, and the chasm between it and the rest of society widens.“Genius genes.” “Cognitive stratification.” “Passes on ability.” Let me put this plainly here, because Mr Murray won’t. Attention all tea-partiers: Charles Murray thinks Barack Obama is smart, and you’re dumb. Just as, in “The Bell Curve”, he argued that the main reason black people earn less than white people is that most black people aren’t as smart as most white people, he argues here that the main reason people in small towns and rural areas earn less than people in coastal creative-class cities, and why they have less influence on national culture and government policy, is that they were by and large too dumb to get into good colleges. Furthermore, he argues that the main reason they were too dumb to get into those colleges is that their parents were dumb, too… http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2010/10/class_and_culture

Bottom line, Timberlake, Knight and their cronies have perfected the art of faking sincerity among their public and revealing their true selves to THEIR CRONIES. No wonder they are what the public seems to want in public life. If one can sincerely fake sincerity, then you have something.


U.S. Income Inequality: It’s Worse Today Than It Was in 1774 http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/09/us-income-inequality-its-worse-today-than-it-was-in-1774/262537/

The Surprising Truths About Income Inequality in America http://www.gq.com/news-politics/big-issues/201207/amber-waves-of-green-jon-ronson-gq-july-2012

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