The chronicles

4 Dec

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD FART: Moi is like most people. A little this, a little that. She is no angel, but certainly not eeevil. She has this dream, Dr. which is a brand based upon the premise “Where information leads to hope.”

EVERYTHING IS AGAINST MOI’S SUCCESS. Building my brand is like a blind climber scaling the highest mountain. They can only succeed with some ONE guiding them. Everything that the world can throw against a person in terms of challenges is what moi faces. That includes moi’s nearly terminal stupidity. In the view of the world, someone like moi could NEVER succeed. In God’s world, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, even for someone like, moi. In fact, God just loves people that the world thinks are not worthy. You see God has a great sense of humor. God likes to chuckle when people like moi succeed because the world is forced to acknowledge that their success was purely a “God Thing.”

Moi wants Dr. to be a place of hope, nurturing, safety, and acceptance.

More later.

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