The Dr. chronicles: Meeting with an Angel?

6 Dec

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD FART: To say that moi has been praying without ceasing is an understatement. Where does moi go? Where does moi look? Moi is terrified beyond belief.

Today, moi was down in Seattle’s bus tunnel which runs underneath the city. Moi got off at the Westlake stop and was going to head up the escalator, but the escalator was broken. Probably, moi should have just gone up the stairs, but she didn’t. She headed for the elevator to the mezzanine.

There was a man waiting at the elevator. He had a cane and his face radiated kindness.

“How are you doing?” I answered, “I’m breathing.”

He said, “What are you doing?”

Moi told him about Dr. and how she wanted a place of hope, nourishment, and acceptance. Where information leads to hope.  

That elevator must have taken awhile to arrive. We rode to the mezzanine.

“How are you doing?” He said.

“I’m lucky to be on this side of the dirt.” I said.

“The soul will direct and carry the spirit.” He said.

Sometimes, without knowing, we entertain Angels.

The journey continues.

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