Vapid velcroed to vapid: Kim and Kanye and the losers are the poor kids who idolize these morons

1 Jan

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD FART: One would have to be safely ensconced under a rock to miss the announcement of vapid singer Kanye West when he proudly announced that vapid reality star Kim Kardashian was going to be his baby mama  One can only hope for their child’s sake that two negatives equal a positive.

Tierney Sneed writes in the US News article, The Winners and Losers of the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Pregnancy:


Midori Liquor- For years Kim Kardashian didn’t drink, but she began treating herself to a cocktail or two after her 30th birthday. Coincidentally, around this time, she also signed a deal to be the face of Midori, a green liqueur, appearing in ads and hosting Midori-sponsored bashes. Kim will have to put the Midori sour down while she’s preggers. Perhaps she can find some baby formula to peddle instead.

Khloe KardashianKhloe has already tweeted her joy about her sister’s pregnancy, and there is no reason to doubt her support. But Khloe and basketball player husband Lamar Odom have had their own, well-televised issues with getting pregnant. Kim’s news, in addition to sister Kourtney’s growing brood, will increase the pressure Khloe is feeling with her fertility struggles.

Kris Humphries– Since his 72-day marriage to Kim fell apart last year—all in front of E!’s television cameras—their divorce has dragged on. That Kanye impregnated Kim without even putting an engagement ring on her finger is a slap to Humphries’ oversized face, and the announcement comes days after Humphries was sidelined a couple of games for the Brooklyn Nets due to an abdominal injury.


E!-The station that brought you Kourtney Kardashian pulling her baby out of her own womb will most likely present the Kimye pregnancy and birth in a similarly outrageous fashion. And unlike the reported $15 million deal to broadcast Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries, babies cannot be undone.

Kris Jenner– The ultimate stage mom has much to gain if she can line up various marketing deals and endorsements for her pregnant daughter. Our guesses? A Dash maternity line, a Quick Trim lose-the-baby-weight program, Skechers baby shoes, and Kim Kardashian Perfume baby wipes. Kanye can jump on the money train by releasing his own rap nursery rhyme.

Blue Ivy– Playdates are in order for the Kimye kid and Blue Ivy, the nearly one-year-old daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z, Kanye’s recording buddy. Blue Ivy has two ways she can play this: she can embrace the Kanye and Kim’s child with open arms, and the two can be the next Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Or Blue can give them the Beyonce cold shoulder, and the two could become the ultimate rap royalty progeny rivals, a la Paris and Nicole post-friendship break up. Either way will sell a lot of tabloids.

Let moi add another group to the list of losers, the impressionable youngsters who won’t have a phalanx of nannies to relieve them of parental duties and who will often find that there is more month left than pay check or welfare check.

The first question readers might ask is, can anyone married to Ozzy Osborne and having their own reality show spout the truth? The answer on the cult of celebrity, yes. Sharon Osborne is right that the cult of celebrity detracts from honoring true heroes and destroys any attempt to instill positive values in children. We have a whole generation of young women who are intelligent and could have wonderful careers and families who now aspire to be nothing more than highly paid sluts and whores. In Sharon Osbourne: The dark side of fame…and why the cult of celebrity is destroying today’s children Sharon says:

How depressing that the loftiest ambition a child of 14 can summon up is to have breasts the size of barrage balloons. It was bad enough that she regarded ‘being famous’ as a worthy goal – not ‘being talented’, you note.

When Ozzy was starting out as a musician in Black Sabbath, for him and his contemporaries fame was simply a by-product of doing something they loved, not an end in itself. Of course, they wanted to be successful and to make money, but they certainly didn’t expect it and that wasn’t the reason they were in a band.

Today, though, young people regard fame as a birthright. They have a sense of entitlement the size of one of my houses.

I recently heard about the work of an American psychologist who discovered that in the Fifties only 12 per cent of youngsters agreed with the statement, ‘I am an important person’. By the end of the Eighties, that figure had risen to 80 per cent. I think we can all guess what it is now.

Children leaving school today no longer want to be doctors or lawyers or architects. All I ever hear is ‘I wanna be famous’, or ‘ I wanna be a celeb’.

There is an epidemic of fame-obsessed youngsters – aged between ten and 25 – who wrongly believe celebrity is a shortcut to wealth and happiness, and who are convinced it will bring them everything they want. An entire generation that doesn’t understand that nothing worth having comes easily.

I’m not a politician – and that’s politics’ loss – but it seems obvious to me that many teenagers part company with the schools system with little or no actual education.

And because the traditional family unit has more or less collapsed, these children probably haven’t been brought up with any real values. We used to call them latch-key kids. How many people do you honestly know who sit down together and have a family dinner every night?

You preach, sister!

Survival values are positive values. Those not blessed with the economic wherewithal of West and Kardashian have to survive in the world of working folk and those who don’t exist in the Disneyland of multimillionaires. Denise Witmer’s  Teaching Positive Values and Morals – Why It is Important? describes some positive values:

Values are the desirable principles in someone’s character that society considers worthwhile. Friendliness and courage are values. Morals work with the judgment of values as they emerge in actions. ..

  • are successful in their relationships with other people. They know how to treat another person with respect and know how to earn respect from other people. They are the type of people who you find you want to be friends with.

  • contribute positively to society by reaching beyond themselves out into their community. They get involved and help where they can.

  • take responsibility for their actions. They try to fix any mistakes they make. They are capable of feeling a sense of accomplishment when they finish a task. People who do not have base values aren’t even able to feel good about doing something right.

  • are capable of learning and growing both socially and emotionally.

  • are generally happier. They grab on to the best of what life has to offer them. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gets tough.
    Success in life is picked up in bits and pieces along our journey.

As a society, we are either not transmitting good values and/or not rewarding those who display good values and really are the heroes who make this world a better place to live. Probably the answer is yes on both counts. West, Kardashian and their ilk are not heroes, they are whores and the only question these bimbos ask is Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover? Too bad some of these morons don’t discover some good values.

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