These people are flippin crazy: Hoarders ‘Octomom’ and those Kansas sperm donor folks

4 Jan

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD FART: There are hoarders of all types. The Mayo Clinic defines hoarding:

Hoarding is the excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them. Hoarding often creates such cramped living conditions that homes may be filled to capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter. Some people also collect animals, keeping dozens or hundreds of pets often in unsanitary conditions.

Hoarding, also called compulsive hoarding and compulsive hoarding syndrome, may be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). But many people who hoard don’t have other OCD-related symptoms.

People who hoard often don’t see it as a problem, making treatment challenging. But intensive treatment can help people who hoard understand their compulsions and live safer, more enjoyable lives.                                           

Mayo describes the symptoms of hoarders. Society has allowed hoarders to go from collecting menageries of animals to collecting children. Two examples, ‘Octomom’ and those Kansas ‘sperm donor’ folks.

Jessica Wakeman of the blog, The Frisky lists, 15 Freaky Facts About Octomom:

But she isn’t the only person we should be upset with; so many others are enabling what Octomom is doing with her kids. From the doctors who put the in-vitro eggs into Suleman to the film crew to the people who buy gossip mags about her kids — they are all contributing to this insane fetishism. The poor kids are the ones who’re suffering!

After the jump, 15 things I learned from the Times article on Octomom so you, too, can lose hope for our culture if this is what constitutes “parenting” these days.

  1. The Times reportedly visited while a film crew from the British division of Eyeworks, a TV company in the Netherlands, was on hand to film “Octomom: Me And My 14 Kids.” Suleman says she hates having TV cameras around. “It’s a Catch-22,” Suleman told the reporter. “I’m damned if I do what I need to do with the media to support my kids, and I’m damned if I don’t. If I don’t, I can’t take care of them…I made these choices out of the midst of being in survivor mode. I think 99 percent of people would have made the same decision.” (No, actually 99 percent of people wouldn’t have gotten impregnated with eight babies after they already had six children and then carried all eight babies to term. But that’s just my opinion.)
  2. Daysun Perkins, Vice President of Development for the film company making the Octomom documentary, has similarly wackadoo rationalizations for what his film crew is doing in the Suleman home. “When I started to look at the possibilities here, and spent some time with Nadya and the family, it started to feel really … important,” Perkins told the Times. Important for whom?
  3. Past work by the director filming the Octomom documentary include classics such as “Half-Ton Mum,” “Half-Ton Dad,” and “Half-Ton Son.”
  4. A member of the film crew told the Times that when the crew first began to come to their house, the kids would stand at the windows and yell “Go away! Go away!” apparently because they thought they were paparazzi. But lately, he proudly told the reporter, the kids don’t say anything about the film crew at all.
  5. The crew filmed some kind of photo montage of each child on a board that’s slanted at a 70-degree angle, which involved strapping each baby on with a piece of Velcro.
  6. Octomom says she became impregnated with the octuplets because she had all these leftover embryos which she didn’t want her doctor to throw away. “I just decided to take the chance because I didn’t want to destroy the embryos,” she said. “That was the main focus — not like: ‘Oh, gosh! I really want eight!’ People were thinking, ‘Oh, she wanted so, so many.’ No!”
  7. The children’s welfare representative from the state of California, who’s supposed to keep the Suleman kids in compliance with child labor laws, thinks everything is A-OK in the house.
  8. Suleman doesn’t believe her plastic surgery at all resembles Angelina Jolie.
  9. The film crew members call the loud, snorting way Suleman chuckles her “manic depressive laugh.”
  10. A lot of the Suleman kids have these New Age-y parenting names, like Makai, Mayliah, Amerah and Calyssa. That’s not child abuse, but it is pretty stupid.
  11. Four-year-old son Aiden has autism. I’m sure he gets lots of attention for that, considering he has 13 siblings.
  12. Octomom received $169,000 in disability payments between 2000 and 2008 and has spent a lot of her adult life living with her parents.
  13. She thinks getting herself a job would be “ludicrous” and “absurd.” What, so she’s just going to exploit her kids for the rest of their lives?
  14. This quote from Octomom is priceless: “One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard was a Denny’s joke. It said there was a new thing on the menu, that you could get eight eggs, no sausage and the person in the next seat gets to pay the bill. I thought that was absolutely hilarious!” Ha ha.
  15. Actually, no, this quote from Octomom is priceless: “[The small children are] able to conceptualize that, O.K., we don’t necessarily want this. But it’s controlled.”

[The New York Times]

Jessica, you go girl! Tell it like it is!

Just when you thought the idiot of the century title was firmly attached to Ms. Suleman’s noggin, comes a story out of Kansas which gives “Octomon” competition. Gossip on This is reporting in the post, Kansas Sperm Donor Sued for Child Support After Lesbian Couple Files for Medicaid:

Donating sperm is supposed to be one of two things: 1) A great way to raise some extra cash or 2) A kind gesture to help a couple achieve their parenting dreams.

One thing it’s not supposed to lead to: A lawsuit for owed child support.

The arrangement between sperm donors and couples seeking fertility treatment usually means that the donor relinquishes parental rights and financial responsibility for any of the children produced by his seed.

That’s the impression William Marotta (pictured above) of Topeka, Kansas had when he responded to a Craigslist ad put out by a lesbian couple seeking a sperm donor, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

But now that one of the women involved in his transaction has fallen on hard times and applied for Medicaid for the daughter who was created with Marotta’s sperm, the state of Kansas is now SUING him for child support.

Here are the important details from the Capital-Journal:

Marotta recalled Monday how he donated sperm in March 2009 to a Topeka lesbian couple after responding to an ad they had placed on Craigslist. Marotta and the women, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, signed an agreement relinquishing all parental rights and responsibilities regarding the child, a daughter Schreiner bore after being artificially inseminated.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families is now trying to have Marotta declared the 3-year-old girl’s father and forced to pay child support. The state contends the agreement is moot because those involved failed to meet the requirement of Kansas statute 23-2208(f) that Schreiner have a licensed physician perform the artificial insemination.

At the time Marotta made the sperm donation, Bauer and Schreiner had been together for eight years and already had adopted several other children. Schreiner stayed home with the children while Bauer worked. The couple split in December 2010, but continue to co-parent their eight children, who range in age from 3 months to 25 years.

Bauer was diagnosed this past March with what she only would describe as “a significant illness” that prevents her from working. Schreiner then went to the state to obtain health insurance for their daughter. The DCF demanded Schreiner provide the sperm donor’s name, claiming if she didn’t it would deny any health benefits because she was withholding information.Hold up. So this lesbian couple had adopted SEVERAL other children with one working parent and decided to go ahead and create an artificially inseminated child ON TOP OF THAT? And then, the ladies went ahead and split up after 8 years and 8 babies?

You know, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong here. These ladies should’ve never been allowed to rack up this many kids by adoption agencies.

This is Nadya Suleman all over again.

People who are unprepared, emotionally, financially, and who do not have sufficient resources should not be allowed to procreate multiple children. It definitely isn’t fair to the children and society ends up with the tab. Hoarding children should not be allowed. ‘Octomom’ and the Kansas chicks are flippin crazy, were flippin crazy, and society is crazy for enabling them.

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